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Some Year Ago (Soundtrack)
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Once upon the blood of many
We were cast as less than many
To so much a point some still believe
Smaller seemed a world much bigger
Where it’s ok to play with the word “Nigger”
Yet would we knowing all the grief and death it breeds

But that was some years ago
When we had more hope than money
A time in a world ago
When our hearts were made of steel
Back then it was all about
Stamping all the hatred out
So that now there would be no doubt
We wouldn’t know to deal

But why if so long ago
We’re seen safe only when funny
As if there’s no need to show
Deep inside what we really feel
Yet those things when brought to view
Seem to bother but a few
No! If we don’t come for real
Our wounds won’t heal

Black Silhouettes used as target practice
There’s darkie toothpaste born out of this malice
These stereo typical images comes to mind
There’s figurines, mascots, postcards of us hanging
Most recently hear of one of us dragging
The propaganda machine must tell the truth this time stop lying
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