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Stevie Wonder bashes Eminem for Jackson criticism
December 06, 2004 - 2.30pm
In a rare public outburst, Stevie Wonder has blasted Eminem for ridiculing Michael Jackson in a video, and suggested the rapper was hypocritical because he owed his success to poor and black people. - Stevie Wonder bashes Eminem for Jackson criticism
Jackson himself has already lambasted Eminem’s video for the song "Just Lose It", which makes light of child molestation charges against the self-styled "King of Pop."

Wonder joined the fray by telling Billboard magazine that he was "really disappointed" in Eminem.

"Kicking someone when he’s down is not a good thing," Wonder was quoted as telling the music industry trade publication. "I have much respect for his work, though I don’t think he’s as good as (late rapper) 2Pac. But I was disappointed that he would let himself go to such a level."

Added Wonder, "He has succeeded on the backs of people predominantly in that lower pay bracket, people of colour. So for him to come out like that is bull----."

A spokesman for Eminem was not available for comment. The song, hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a "playful look at celebrity voyeurism," is expected to be among the nominees when contenders for the annual Grammy Awards are unveiled on Tuesday.

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